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How To Pair A Bluetooth Headset to Fanvil X7

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When the device is in the default standby mode,

1. Press soft-button [Menu] until you find the [Basic] item.
2. Enter [Bluetooth & Wi-Fi] item till you find [Bluetooth] item.

054a03c6779f63e704533bd02480862b6f9d1c73?t=90cfa9d2c60670db8c6fcbb16c5f5952 3. Press [Bluetooth] to enter the setup interface.
4. Select Bluetooth, and use the left and right keys to enable Bluetooth. Select a Paired Device. 
5. If No paired is displayed, (6.) press [Scan] key to search, then select the scanned device to connect.

The use of Bluetooth headset can be divided into three types: call answering; Hang up;
Bluetooth redial.
  • call answering
    When the Bluetooth headset is connected to the phone, the incoming call can be
    answered by pressing the Bluetooth answer button.
  •  Hang up
    1) When talking with Bluetooth headset, you can hang up the phone by
    pressing the button on the Bluetooth headset.
    2) When there is an incoming call, double-click the answer button to reject the
    3) When the caller is in the ringing state, press the answer button of the headset
    to cancel the call.
  • Bluetooth redial When the Bluetooth headset is connected, double-click the answer button to redial the number dialed last time.

NOTICE! some models do not support double - click redial function. Whether this
the function is supported or not, you can check the instruction of the headset, or
connect the Bluetooth headset to the phone, and double-click the answer button
to see whether it will redial.

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